Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Cloud Day

I thnk Johnny Cash about sums it up.
I'm in a FOUL mood today.  I think I can blame it on several things, and probably a combination of them all:  rainy weather, a bastard-Husband, and stupid fucking clients whose drama has worn my last nerve. 

So in the spirit of hating everyone and everything today, I've come up with a list of shit that I just don't give a fuck about:

1)  Who won "America's Got Talent"
2)  That "Big Brother" TV show (I didn't even know it was still being aired)
3)  Lady Gaga's meat dress (I will admit, I'm intrigued, but seriously.  I don't really give a fuck.  My intrigue only goes to the point of practical questions -- like what did she wear underneath her dress?  Did it stink like rotten meat?  How did it stay so red without turning brown?  Shit like that)
4)  Anything having to do with the "Tea Party" or "Tea Partiers" 
5)  Glenn Beck
6)  Republicans in general
7)  Whether my clothes were ironed or match today (they do, but I really didn't care if they did)
8)  Whether my boss gets irritated that I'm closing the door to my office today and not speaking to anyone (bitch just best be glad I'm doing work.  Well, not at this EXACT moment, but I will be workING when I'm done with this post)
9)  Other people's personal issues (I can't avoid this one, considering I'm a family law attorney, but I just want to tell everyone to take their dysfunctional shit elsewhere, but that would be bad for business, I think.  I have my own dysfunction to deal with, frankly)
10)  Last but not least, my diet

Don't take it personally, either.  I don't hate YOU.  Just everyone else.