Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reboot 2.0

I have been thinking about this blog lately, and how I've neglected it.  I've been reading through a lot of my past posts, and it seems that I had a lot of anger and depression in years past.  Tempered of course, by sarcasm, which is probably my saving grace.

A lot has changed since my last posts.  I am now a working attorney and have my own firm, shared with another attorney.  We are partners in our practice, and I enjoy working with her.  I've known her for several years, and it has been about a year and a half since we decided to make it official and merge our independent businesses into one, fabulous, partnership.

My daughter is now 13 years old -- a teenager!  Reading past posts when she was 6 and 7 years old made me smile because I was glad I had the hindsight (foresight?) to write a bit about her, instead of focusing so egocentrically on myself.

Still married to Husband -- last year we celebrated our 20th wedding anniverssary.  Hoorah for love.  He still bugs the everloving shit out of me, but really, who's to blame with that?  Him for doing it, or me for putting up with it?

I want to start writing again, and am hoping that now that I recovered my password, I'll be able to do just that.

Stay tuned...