Thursday, November 13, 2008

I KNEW it!

Daughter had conferences last night and her teacher says she thinks Daughter may have A.D.D. I was not surprised because that kid has the same problems I do with focusing on tasks.

I made an appointment with her with our doctor (her and I have the same one) and don't you think for a minute I am going to pass up this opportunity to tell him about my A.D.D. as well! You can trust that I am not being dramatic when I say that -- I really honestly think sometimes that I have it because of my problems with focusing. Now poor little Daughter has the same problem!

Other than that -- she had a really positive report from her teacher. She is very smart (and I'm not just saying that) and her teacher said it was her saving grace. :)

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Samantha Grace said...

I'm not saying the teacher isn't right, but I think a lot of teachers use the ADD thing as an excuse to not control kids. They said that about my brother before ADD was even talked about (they used the term "rambunctious"). He's not ADD nor was he ever. he was just a kid. They'd just rather you medicate the kid then have to control them.

damn union types...:)