Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thoughts in My Head

Lately, I haven't had any "big" topics to write about, but I've thought of a bunch of little things I need to write about.

1)  I've decided that I think Adam Lambert is one sexy mo' fo'.  I've never wanted to be a gay man more in my life than I have over this past week.  I love love LOVE his new song, "For Your Entertainment" and I think he's hot stuff in the video.  Love the guyliner, love the hair, love everything.  This is just one more thing that proves I'm a gay man trapped in a heterosexual woman's body.  And I don't give two shits that he kissed a guy on stage at the AMAs or that he simulated oral sex.  Honestly, who gives a fuck?  I've taught daughter about gay people in simple terms (sometimes boys want to marry boys and girls want to marry girls...'nuff said.)  I don't think I'm gonna "turn" her gay by explaining what it means.

2)  I am so pissed at Farmville -- some of the things that are available to buy to decorate your farm with you have to pay with "farmbucks".  Only there seems to be no other way to accumulate these "farmbucks" other than to purchase them with real money.  And fuck that, Farmville.  Keep your Mystery Boxes and your black ducks.  Even though I want one I will not be spending any money on you.

3)  I've started snoring as of late (meaning the past few months) and I've been kicked out of my bedroom.  I now sleep either on the sofa in our living room or in Daughter's room (she sleeps in my bed with Husband).  At first I was all fired up about it, but now I kind of like it because I get her whole bed to myself (she has a Queen).  It ain't half bad because she even has a TV with cable in her room, so I feel like I'm back living with my parents again.  Except without the dysfunction.

4)  When did Pandora radio start playing commercials?  I have been away for a while, but tonight, when I was here in my home office putzing around, I have it on and I'm all WTF?  I don't appreciate commercials AT ALL.  And speaking of Pandora, when did my "George Michael Radio" turn into Beatles Hour?  I've heard "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Come Together" one right after the other.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate me some Beatles, but seriously?  It's called "George Michael Radio" for a reason.  Play some fucking GM or I am going to get my feathers all in a ruffle.

5)  OMG Pandora is now playing the second Elton John song...I've realized that Pandora must be intepreting "George Michael Radio" to mean "Gay Male Performer Radio" which is fine by me considering my #1 above, but seriously...PLAY SOME GODDAMM GEORGE MICHAEL ALREADY and stop fucking with me, Pandora!  (And speaking of Elton John, I love me some Elton, too.  My mom once took me to one of his concerts when I was 3 years old, and I still remember him wearing his crazy outfits back then.  Like that one over there to the left.)

6)    I got my letter from Unemployment today and hopefully the cash should start rolling in any time now.  Of course, it's a fraction of the money I was making when I was employed, but I am not going to complain.  Being unemployed has got me thinking of starting my own practice.  I've been mulling it around for the past couple of weeks.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

7)  Husband has rearranged my home office and I can't stand it.  There was once a futon in here and he's moved that out and replaced it with bookcases.  Now there's only one chair in here which is fine if you're the one person in here, but forget about two people being in here because there's no where to sit.  He's also rearranged just about everything else including taking my pictures off the walls.  I can't tell you how much his touching my shit annoys the fuck out of me.  I find it beyond irritating.

8) I think I'm going to try and put up my Christmas tree either tomorrow or Friday.  I meant to do it on Monday but we had a death in our family.  One of Husband's aunt's passed away last Friday and so I've been involved in visitation and funeral activities. 

9)  Still no George Michael on my Pandora.  Who can I write a strongly worded letter to?

10)  I can't think of a 10th thing...so I'm outta here bitches!  :)


Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Ok seriously. He MOVED YOUR STUFF? WTF? I kill for less serious things than that. I jest, of course. But really...who does that?

I'm irritated right with ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the unemployment stuff settled. That's a relief.

Why does he always have to have a project and touch/move your stuff?

(Dude, please change your settings so I can leave my comment under my name/URL and not my Open ID. It never works right and I'm all flustered now. :))

Maria Elise said...

I'm so with you re: commercials. Internet and satellite radio should be safe havens from jarring, vulgar interruptions to my listening pleasure! I hope they finally played some GM for ya! My fave is Kissing a Fool...love that song!