Monday, April 12, 2010

Fuck You, High School Muscial....Can't wait to see all of you in 20 years!

I feel like I need to start a little weekly post, about celebrities that make me feel old.  My biggest fear when I was in my tween-and -teen-and then college years, was that I would lose touch with "cool" music.  I mean, I am a child of the 70s, so I got to experience disco firsthand.  I was a tween-teen in the 80s, which was just so awesome in itself.  Then along came my college years -- growing up grunge.  I adored Nirvana with all of my hear and soul.  But who's the Nirvana today?  Is there even one?  If so, would I like their music?

So there's my background about music.  Was a Debbie Gibson, Tiffiany, New Kids on the Block fan.  I tried to find substance behind the fluff, which is why this week's installment hurts twice as much.  I was watch "High School Musical 2" (please dont judge me...I do i for the kid, I swear) and was checkingout Zac Effron (I think tht's how you spell his name).  Well, cute, boyish, teen bait, Zach made me feel like a dirty old woman.  Because while I have never really bee attracted to him, he made me want to be in that fucking musical with him, jumping around and doing all the dumb shit they were doing.  DAMN YOU, DISNEY AND ALL OF YOUR CUTE TEEN MOVIES.  I swear Cute Teen Movies is a sign of the apoclypse.  It has to be.  Save your souls!  You've been warned.

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