Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Please excuse me and the following two posts.  There are many, many typos and I think I rambled on a bit too much at a few points.  Last night, I took an ambien before bed then decided to write on my blog.  I barely remembered doing this last night, until I logged on just now and fear siezed my heart.  LOL  I mention killing my husband twice and I say various forms of "fuck" about 3,000 times.  If I didn't know better, I would swear ignorance to writing these posts.

But I'm going to leave them how they are.  Despite their typos and mispellings.  At that point in my ambien haze, I start to see double-vision and it's just lucky I wrote in (relatively) complete sentences.  I'd love to hear your comments.  Maybe I should write more while flying high on ambien?  You be the judge. 

And in case you're wondering...I went to bed immediately after writing these posts and slept like the dead.  I don't even remember stirring once.  That ambien is some wonderfully powerful shit, in more ways than one.  And yes, I have a legal prescription, so you don't have to worry the DEA is going to bust me in some illegal ring or something.  :)


Disaster girl said...

Hey I've got to say that the posts were very funny, although I absolutely understand that it probably didnt feel funny at the time.

I'm glad you kept them up because it is part of your experience!

Maybe if you write after taking Ambien, would you remember to write something in the title like "Ambien Post" or something (if you want the readers to differentiate between posts writen on or off it)?

MyTruth0812 said...

Disaster girl: great idea! If I remember, next time I write while under the effects of ambien, I will definitely note it in the beginning. Thanks for the idea!

LiLu said...

Mmmmm... Ambien haze.

I gotta get me one of those. ;-)