Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Having an Angry Moment...

I really can't stand some of my "friends" on Facebook.  Especially right now, considering it's an election year.  I wish I could just give a bitch slap to a few of them -- you know, to try and slap some sense into them.  Because it would appear that a few of them are in desperate need of a bitch slap.  Or a pimp hand.  Either one would do in this situation.

Ronald McDonald layin' down the pimp hand.
Let me clarify.  Yesterday, Mitt Romney said some dumb shit.  I know, I know.  Right now, you're trying to figure out which dumb shit I'm talking about.  I'm specifically referring to the fact that the man does not know why you cannot open the windows on an airplane.  As a sidenote, I asked Daughter yesterday why you couldn't do this.  Her first answer was "because you'll die" and when I asked for clarification, she said because of the "air pressure".  UM, THANK YOU.  My fucking 9-year-old has more sense than this man running for President.  But, I digress.  Now, you know and I know that the statement made by Mitt Romney was just plain stupid.  But will my partisan friends admit it?  Of course not.  Believe me.  I would be the first person to (sheepishly) admit if the POTUS said some wacked out shit like this.  I would be embarassed, but I would admit it.  Because it would be the FUCKING TRUTH. 

And don't get all up in arms that the President is going on "The View".  Especially when Mitt and Ann Romney were on "Live with Kelly and Michael" last week trying to appear like they are just like us little people.  It's a goddam election year.  Your PR machine is in high gear.  Give me a break.

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kim said...

I don't think I can come to terms with the fact that it's called "Live With Kelly and Michael," now. WHERE IS MY CHILDHOOD?!?!!?

These Republicans are the worst kind. JUST ADMIT that he was wrong. Otherwise you look even worse than he did.