Thursday, November 01, 2012

I Confess...


1)  I confess...I never liked the hit sitcom, "Friends".  Gasp!  And when I say "I never liked" it, I mean, I detested that show.  Even though I'm pretty sure that I was their target demographic, and everyone in the whole fucking world circa 1995 loved that goddam show.  I hated Rachel.  I hated Ross.  I hated Rachel and Ross together, I hated Rachel and Ross breaking up.  Yes, I've watched it.  I've tried to like it.  But that show can blow me, because it was just stupid.  The only character I even remotely liked on that show was Phoebe.  And she was probably the one who got the least lines and Lisa Kudrow probably got the least mileage out of that fucking disaster.  Well, I guess I can't really call it a "disaster" because, like I said, every goddam person in America was going apeshit over "Friends".  To me it was a disaster, though -- one that lasted too goddam long. 

2)  I confess...I love pizza.  I am sure this isn't much of a shock, because I know a lot of people love pizza.  But I love all kinds of pizza, and if I owned a restaurant, it would have a pizza theme.  I mean, there would be peanut butter and jelly pizza, dessert pizza -- everything pizza.  The Husband loves pizza too, so we are both always on the hunt for new pizza places to go to.  I think I've sampled pizza in a 50-mile radius from where we live.  Sometimes it's hard to find good pizza.  I mean, if you're going to own a pizzeria, don't phone that shit in.  Make a good crust.  Make a good sauce.  That shit is your bread and butter, and the least you could do is make a worthwhile pie.  Pizza I hate:  Domino's.  That is pure shit.  Even with their latest reboot.  I'd rather eat a frozen pizza.
3)  I confess...I really don't wear my wedding ring a lot.  There are several reasons for this:  a) a few years back, The Husband stopped wearing his all the time, so in protest, I said I was going to stop wearing mine everyday.  Yeah, yeah...petty, I know.  But WTF?  b) I gained weight, and the ring didn't fit comfortably anymore and I needed to get the ring resized (which I have done).  I do wear it (when I remember to put it on) for family occassions and whatever.  But it's just not that important to me anymore.  There's probably some deep, dark, reason why I choose to not wear it, but it really isn't that important to me to figure out why.  Especially when I paid to have the damn thing resized but still don't wear it.  Or at least not on a regular-never-take-it-off basis.

What would you like to confess?

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kim said...

I liked friends for the first four years. And then it just lasted way too goddamn long. And there were too many fat jokes in it. Ain't nobody got time for that.