Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Many Apologies

I just wanted to apologize for not having any new posts these past couple of weeks. Between studying AGAIN for the Bar exam, and not having anything interesting to say...my blog has suffered. Big-time frowny face.

Nothing exciting has happened in the past couple of weeks...it's been quite pathetic since I have nothing new to bitch about. I guess the most newsworthy events were:

I started a new medication, because the last one I was one was giving me anxiety and I couldn't take it anymore.

My friend, Jen, had her wedding last weekend and I managed to find a dress that was flattering and didn't cost an arm and a leg. *Hooray*

Daughter has started her summer vacation.

Husband had is 39th birthday last week (although, sadly, he tells everyone he works with he is a year younger...I mean -- what's the point? If you're going to lie about your age...LIE). It kinda grosses me out that I'm married to a man who will be 40 next year. (and I understand I am only one year younger...but still...ewwwww)

One thing that has bothered me today -- I have set iGoogle as my homepage at work, which allows me to Facebook, Twitter, check my email, read the news and other various things without having to do searches. I have set the header to show me something random each day. Today's freaking theme has been Celine Dion pictures. I want to jump out the window everytime I see her. I can't wait until the theme changes tomorrow! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT? Celine Dion is awesome that she gets her own iGoogle templates (or whatever they're called?) Whoever made these things up should be shot.

Well, that's about it. See. I told you it was pathetic. That was five minutes of reading you'll never get back. And I am sorry for that.

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Dr. Jay SW said...

First time I've been to your blog...came from Perfectly Cursed Life...and I'd say this post is actually pretty good...down to earth, no BS...I'll be back...