Friday, June 18, 2010

Comin' Out of My Head

Today's thoughts:

Who's that asshole that was on the news last night apologizing to BP (some asshole Senator or Congressman or someone)?  What a douche.  And I love how he backpetaled and retracted his apology.  His political staff probably shit a brick after his apology and then went spontaneously blind.  Hysterical.

I'm feeling particular lazy today and haven't gotten shit done at work.  Eh.  It's Friday, and dammit, I deserve to blow shit off once in a while.

Did I tell y'all that I got a new car?  I am the proud owner (actually, it's a technically, I'm a leasee) of a 2010 Ford Focus.  I've had it 3 weeks.  It's black and it's totally sweet.  I thought I would hate it considering I was driving a SUV, but it's pretty kickass.  It has the SYNC technology in it so I love calling people from my car.  For some reason, that shit hasn't gotten old yet, even though I was screaming at the SYNC yesterday because I was trying to call "home" and the voice recognition chick kept thinking I was trying to call "Paul".  "hhhhhhhhoooooome".  I wish I could have smacked the SYNC chick.

There's crazy whacked-out stuff going around here (i.e., work).  The legal secretary walked out today and screamed down the hallway of our floor "I QUIT!"  It was quite the bit of drama today.  She ended up coming back after a couple of hours, but I am getting tired of all the stupid drama that goes on around here.

I realized today that there are no good Mexican restaurants around my workplace and that pissed me off.  I love Mexican food.  And no, Taco Bell doesn't count.  I'm talking about the authentic Mexican food.

I'm so ready for the 4th of July holiday to come.  I am going to take a few days off before and after to have a mini-vacation.  I'm planning to go to Lexington, Michigan where my parents have a little cottage (in case you're not familiar, us Michiganders?  Michiganians?  whatever...we like to go "up north" to cottages -- so I'm going "up north" even though Lexington is like an hour away from my house.)  The cottage has lake access to Lake Huron (that is a pic from the beach I took on Memorial weekend).  I can't wait because it's peaceful and quiet and I can't get cell phone service there, so that's nice too (even though it frustrates the fuck out of me too). 

I hate Viagra commercials.  Especially those "Viva Viagra" ones that are to the tune of "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis.  I just don't want to think about middle-aged men and their erectile dysfunction.  EVER.  Even when I'm middle-aged (which ain't that far off).  I can't imagine some wife out there, who's been married like 30 years, all thrilled to death because her husband can finally now get as many boners as he wants.  She's probably pissed.  Pissed as all hell.  And I understand men have to suffer through pad and tampon commercials, but seriously. 

My daughter asked me the other day what "breastfeeding" was.  As I struggled for an age-appropriate answer for about 3 seconds, she asked, "Is it gross?"  I answered, "You might think so."  To which she said, "Nevermind."  YES!  Dodged that bullet for the time being.

I'm not a big fan of moustaches...but this one is rather glorious, in a gross sort of way.  I mean, this dude is seriously dedicated to his moustache, don't you think?  He has to put a lot of time into that bad boy, that's for sure.

I love those Progressive Insurance commercials with Flo.  You've seen them right?  Some of my favorite quotes from various commercials...."It's called an "European Shoulder Bag" and "What am I thinking about right now?  Tacos?  YESSSSSSS...."  Love her.  It almost makes me want to call Progressive for a quote.  Almost.

Dang, I'm dying for some tacos now!


Silly Girl said...

I am a fan of Mexican food. In fact, I think I am going to go find some tacos. I came across your blog and stopped for a visit. Enjoyed my time and your post. Those Progressive commercials are great. Right now, my favorite commercial is the Snickers one with Betty White.

Kim said...

I'd probably quit if I were the legal secretary there, too. And you know why.