Thursday, August 02, 2012

My Obsessions This Week

Here are just a few things that have been obsessed with this week:

1)  Simon Baker and "The Mentalist".  I have only just recently discovered this TV show due to some serious marathons on TNT.  About 3 times a week, "The Mentalist" is on TNT for HOURS.  I not only love the show, I am in love with Simon Baker and his adorable curly blonde locks AND his great smile.  I mean seriously, how fucking cute is he????

2)   For my sandwiches, I love, love love, Marconi's HOT Giardiniera.  It's a mixture of peppers, carrots, cauliflower, celery, and only God knows what else.  It sets my mouth on fire, but I've put it on the 6 sandwiches I've eaten in the last few days and I swear I've eaten half the jar.  So good.  The downside of loving this sandwich topping (actually, it's probably more of a submarine sandwich topping, but whatever) is that I can only find the "hot" version at one local store and half the time when I shop there, they are out of it.  Which means everytime I see it, I buy at least 2 jars, because --heaven forbid-- I'm caught without some in my refridgerator.

3)  Detroit Tigers baseball, namely Miguel Cabrera.  "Who's Your Tiger?"  Fucking Miguel Cabrera is, that's who.  And I'm not alone, I'm sure.  This guy is amazing.  Sometimes he's the only good thing to watch in the game, although, I must admit, the Tigers are doing pretty good as of late (except for that last stretch of games with Boston, but I digress).  And Miguel Cabrera is one of the many reasons why they are doing well.  Go Miggy, Go Miggy!

4)  Things I am sick of hearing about this week:  Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson; Ryan Lochte (I mean he ain't THAT cute, y'all); Michael Jackson's family's family fued (can anyone say "cray cray"?); everyone complaining about the weather (look, it's summertime and it's hot.  I realize that the temperatures are insane, but I would take a 99-degree day over 12-inches of snow.  And this is from someone who's last electric bill was $560.01.) 

What are you obsessed with this week?  Or tired of hearing about?

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