Monday, August 20, 2012

My Obsessions This Week

1)  Adam Levine.  Now before you get all "he's a douche" on me -- I also think this.  I really don't like him as a person, considering everything I've heard about him in the press.  He seems conceited, arrogant, and in a much-ado-about-nothing, he's not even THAT attractive.  At least not in a dreamy, Simon Baker sort of way.  But I love his voice.  That's my problem this week.  I've seen Maroon 5 in concert and I love their music (don't hate).  I love Adam Levine's voice, and think he writes songs that are sexy.  UGH. 

2)  Shopping on QVC.  QVC is my goddam downfall.  Everytime I switch that fucking channel on, I buy something.  I have a love-hate relationship with buying items on QVC.  I love it because of the things I've purchased, most of them are fabulous.  I hate it because considering the shipping costs, I don't think shopping through my television is the most cost-effective way to shop.  BUT IT'S SO CONVENIENT.  Damn you, QVC (and your cheap-slutty-sister, HSN.)

3)  Being unfriended on Facebook.  In the last week, I've realized that two of my "friends" unfriended me on Facebook.  Thinking about the friendships (one was someone who I knew in high school and the other was someone I used to work with) -- the only reason I can think that I was unfriended is because I am a liberal Democrat.  Both of these "friends" are conservative, and one for sure, is a Republican (based on her support for Scott Brown in Wisconsin, where she lives).  Neither of these people were particularly close to me, but I'm still offended by the unfriending.  I mean, I consider myself an open-minded person, and therefore, I put up with posts on Facebook that I do not agree with.  I believe in freedom of speech, even if it means some shithead is posting about their love of all things Mitt Romney (or Sarah Palin, or Newt, or whoever).  I guess I shouldn't be surprised by some tight-ass Republican is so offended by my posts that they passive-agressively unfriended me, but I am.  *sigh*  Maybe now that I talked about it, I will be less offended.

4)  Being motivated.  Or I should say, my obession this week is my lack of motivation.  I'm trying to push myself to muster up all the motivation I can to want to get more clients, but I'm feeling very lazy and am finding it so difficult to even WANT to do something.  I am blaming this on the fact that it is summertime, and that I've been focusing on spending time with Daughter, but seriously.  She starts school in two weeks and I best be getting my shit together in a MAJOR WAY otherwise, Husband is going to be riding my ass like you wouldn't believe. 

So what are your obsessions this week?

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kim said...

Adam Levine's singing voice turns me off. He constantly sings in a falsetto and not even a really sexy one like Justin Timberlake.

But falsetto isn't really my thing.

He's not bad to look at, though.