Friday, January 23, 2009

You Know What I Love?

VH1 and it's reality shows, that's what.

VH1 has really outdone itself this time...there is a new show that debuted a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you -- I'm already hooked.

This little jem is called Tool Academy. The premise of the show is that girlfriends bring their boyfriends to be on a show called "Mr. Awesome". However, once the boys arrive, they find out that they are not competing to be on "Mr. Awesome", but instead have been enrolled in "Tool Academy". As you can probably guess from the title, these boyfriends are complete douchebags. I mean, they are obnoxious, dishonest, cheaters, liars, and the most thoughtless boyfriends ever. IT'S GREAT TELEVISION.

Using therapy sessions, and various other "challenges" done with their girlfriends (such as learning the tango, putting together a bed, etc.) that are based on topics such as "Romance", "Trust", etc., each boyfriend is judged on how well they use what they learn in therapy as well as how they interact with their girlfriends -- judged to determine whether they get to stay another week or "are just a tool" (which is what is said to them when they get kicked off each week). It's an awesome display of humiliation for those guys you think deserve to be humiliated.
Little tidbits that make the show worth watching: each guy is sometimes refered to "Naked Tool" or "Tiny Tool" -- based on their personalities, and then in turn, their girlfriend is "Naked Tool's Girlfriend" or "Tiny Tool's Girlfriend". Genius. And also, the boys sometimes get caugh doing naughty things with hidden telling other women they are single, or taking about their girlfriends behind their backs. One especially delicious (and very tense) moment was when during group therapy, a previously unknown woman walks in to announce she is one of the Tools' current girlfriend of six years. And she's not the girlfriend he is currently sitting next to. So imagine everyone in the room collectively shitting their pants and you can imagine the look that was one everyone's faces. It was one of the best moments EVER caught on trashy reality TV.

At the end of each episode, one boy is kicked off and then his girlfriend has to decide if she really still wants to stay with him. Of course, in my opinion, none of the girls should stay with their tool boyfriends, but usually the guy will squirt a few tears, tell his girlfriend how much he loves her and they ride off into the sunset together.

The winner of Tool Academy will get $100,000 and the title of "Mr. Awesome". It's really a fantastic show. Tune in. You won't be disappointed. And in case you're wondering, the Tool with the two girlfriends is still on the show. Only the girl who brought him to tool academy left, and the girlfriend of six years took her place. Why either of them stayed with him is a mystery to me (except maybe the fact that he's totally freaking hot in a 22-year-old boy sort of way), but none of that matters to me. The only thing that matters is that I can't wait to tune in for the next episode!


Samantha Grace said...

I think you're one of five people who are actually happy with VH1's programming choices. :)

That being said, I unsuspectingly caught a glimpse of this Tool Academy show the other day and got sucked in until the commercial break. It's like freaking crack.

And crack is whack.

mytruth1118 said...

seriously, that show sounds pretty funny, because in all honesty isn't their a little tool in all men? And many of us have actually dated these tools, so it sounds funny to actually watch them making an ass out of themselves. I might have to tune in to that one.