Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here We Go Again

“Everytime I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”
--Godfather 3, Michael Corleone

Daughter got another fucking goldfish, y’all. She won him at her school fair a couple of weeks ago. Her last goldfish, Freddie Fishsticks, died back in February. Read his obituary here. After Freddie died, I threw out everything of his (which wasn’t much), because I was pretty sure we were not going to be getting another fish. A large bowl and some rocks went in the garbage because after all, he died in the bowl – but for some reason, I kept the food (must be the childhood lectures about never throwing out “good” food, even though who the fuck was going to eat the goldfish food?) Good thing I kept it though. It was one less thing I had to re-buy when she won this new one. Dammit. Just like Michael Corleone, I thought I was out of being a goldfish owner, but I got pulled back in!

This one is not one of your garden variety goldfishes – he’s orange/red and white and he has a little red slash of color on his top lip that reminds me of a moustache. Daughter named him “Red Lips” because of it. I know – it’s not a very sophisticated name, but what do you expect from a six-year-old? Freddie got a semi-cool name because I helped. I liked the double-Fs…you know, the alliteration of his name. I didn’t help this time. So, this morning, Daughter said his “full” name:

Swimmy Red Lips Fishsticks Coreleone
(well, it’s not “Coreleone” but we have an Italian last name,
so “Coreleone” is as good as a substitute for it as I can make up)

So there you go. Join me in welcoming Swimmy Red Lips Fishsticks to the family.

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