Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Depression Snuck Up On Me Today

(Sorry, it's a long one. But entertaining, nonetheless...)

What the hell, Life? When I woke up today, I wasn’t feeling particularly good or bad. I was just going about my morning routine like I do every other day. Shower, get ready for work, get Daughter ready, drive to work…Noticed it was a beautiful morning, here. Bright, sunny and cool – a nice 72 degrees. A perfect morning as far as I was concerned, one where I could roll the windows down during my drive and enjoy a little Howard Stern while being gently caressed by the morning.

And then I got to work and The Depression pounced on me like a kitten pounces at a laser light. For no apparent reason – or so it seemed at first. Shannon texted me about some crazy dream she had about me last night and…EUREKA! I remembered I had a dream last night that totally Bummed me out with a capital B. But before I tell you about the dream, there is a little back story:

Husband used to have this friend, whom I am going to call Homewrecker. Homewrecker was a woman who worked with him. They became friendly when I was pregnant with Daughter. Long story short, over the course of the next 5 years, Homewrecker became a certified nutjob who fell in love with Husband and whom I was suspicious of from the start. Women know women, I always tell Husband. I know when a woman says “X”, she really means “Z”. I know what lurks in the heart of women, because the same shit lurks (or has the potential to lurk) in my heart. Homewrecker even divorced her husband in the hopes that Husband would leave me and our daughter for her and her bratty kids. Now, I don’t know for sure what went on between the two, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they were banging the shit out of each other. Really, I wouldn’t. Especially considering how she divorced her husband. You don’t do that shit on a whim, right? But point is, he didn’t leave us for her, nor do I even think he entertained the idea. Homewrecker couldn’t hold a candle to me. I’m prettier, my boobs are way bigger (Husband is a Boob Man) and I was 4000x smarter. Homewrecker was a bit of a dumb-dumb, and while some men may find stupidity cute, Husband does not. He’s an intellect, and likes smart people. And besides, Homewrecker was a pathological liar, who used lies to manipulate Husband into feeling bad/sorry for her. Which toward the end of their relationship, Husband started to believe (when I had been tell him she was a liar the whole time). And if you need an example: one night, I was talking on the phone with Shannon. Through the course of a 45-minute conversation, Homewrecker beeped in on my other line 19 times. I counted and kept track -- it became laughable, although was still immensely irritating. I knew it was her, thanks to caller ID. Finally, on the 19th call, I answered. I was rude as fuck to her too – I told her that I was on the other line, and knew she was trying to call, and that I’d tell Husband she called 19 times when I got off the phone. Once I was off the phone, Husband called her to find out what was so goddam important. She told him how she was in a car accident and had needed him. She lived in a city about 50 miles away from our house, but was “in the neighborhood” visiting a friend of hers and she called him because we lived so close to her. Nevermind calling your OWN husband, or even your friend that you were visiting. Noooo…she decides to call MY husband to come and rescue her. I called BULLSHIT from the second that story came out of her mouth, because I knew it was a lie. And little did she know, Shannon works for the police department for the city she supposedly got in the accident. Of course, there was no police record of her supposed accident. LIAR. Oh, and to top it off, she did tell Husband how rude I was to her. I don’t know what she thought – was Husband going to ground me for being so rude? Take her side? Um, I don’t think so. Crazy Liar, right? And that was only one small example. Trust me, there were MANY more.

Their “friendship” came to a crashing halt when I found, quite by accident, a shit-load of emails between the two of them. In Husband’s defense, he was at least smart enough to not write anything inappropriate in the emails I found – so either he was smart enough to delete the incriminating ones, or there was nothing incriminating to begin with. But the one that stung me the most, was the one where Homewrecker fantasizes about how she knows that “their” time was not then (mainly because of ME, which she mentions in her email), and how she hopes there would be the day where she and Husband could someday go house-shopping, looking for a house for them and their kids. I was floored because frankly – over my dead fucking body. It would have been a cold day in Hell before I ever would have let this woman have anything to do with my daughter. And if Husband would have left me for her – I would have been the nastiest motherfucker ever. The divorce and custody battle would have been disgusting. I usually try to be a peaceful person – but just can’t when it comes to Homewrecker. I have never hated anyone in my life with such vigor. I mean, I don’t wish her anything bad (because I do believe in karma)…I just wish she’d go away permanently.

Anyway, I know I said I was going to make this short, but seriously, 5 years worth of the ups and downs of their friendship – there’s a lot of drama to try and weed through, trust me.

Once I found those emails, I confronted Husband, and gave him the ultimatium: end his friendship with Homewrecker or there was going to be some serious Hell to pay with me. Their friendship went on as long as it had, because I had turned the other cheek. I had told him that he was a grown man, capable of picking his own friends and not having a wife who henpecks him and tells him who he can and cannot be friends with. I told him I trusted him and his judgment. I have always kept him lease-free. I believe in giving him freedom, because once he goes on a lease, resentment settles in. Plus, I didn’t want my ass on a lease either. You gotta trust each other, right?

So, he ended the friendship. I am not sure what he said to her, but he and I have been Homewrecker-free for close to the past 2 years…until last month. I found an addressed card to her on our kitchen table last month. It had a stamp on it all ready to go in the mail. No return address, but her fucking name and address in Husband’s handwriting on the envelope. I confronted Husband with the card. WTF is this? He said it was a birthday card he was going to send to her. WTF? I told him to open it and let me read it. He told me to open it myself, which of course, I did. He wrote some shit about how he hoped she had a nice birthday and how he hoped she was doing well…”and maybe someday we’ll run into each other again…” WTF? I bitched him out and made him rip it up.

Now, to the dream I had.

Last night, I dreamed Husband was back in contact with Homewrecker and had been hiding it from me. I distinctly remember feeling betrayed and heartbroken, extremely hurt and humiliated they were friendly again. I remember crying in the dream, with such intense pain in my heart; nothing Husband said was able to fix it. I felt like my whole life was destroyed and I had to divorce him immediately because the trust between us would never be able to be repaired. I was also so enraged that all I could think about was beating the living shit out of Homewrecker. I was on a mission, blinded by fury.

This morning, I texted Husband and told him – briefly – about the dream. I also had to ask him if he was in contact with her. Truth be told, I do believe he is not in contact with her, because I am somewhat of an amateur private detective, and always know how to snoop on his dumb ass without him knowing. Really. He doesn’t get away with much when I’m on the job. Of course, he responded that no, he’s not in contact with her, and that he’d tell me if he was (this last bit I find a little hard to believe, but whatever). I just wonder what the dream meant. Obviously, I’m afraid of something, right? Is it that I’m afraid of losing my family unit? Him?

But now I feel depressed. I can’t get the hurt out of my heart. Even though the hurt was something that came to me in a dream and isn’t reality, I still can’t shake it. Ever have that happen to you? I feel like I’m going to carry this with me all day.


Anonymous said...

i can't believe he got her a birthday card. after all you guys went through with that crazy lady.

mysterg said...

I think your Husband enjoys the attention and possibly is a bit too caring for his own good rather than anything more sinister.

Your dream is insecurity manifesting itself - plain and simple. But if you trust your husband which I'm sure you do then put it behind you. Without that trust, more dreams will follow.

MyTruth0812 said...

Kim...I know, right? I really think he did it on purpose. He knows the mere mention of her name sends me into a blinding rage.

mysterg...thank you for the analysis -- I've decided you are correct. He definitely enjoyed the attention throughout the whole friendship (attention he wasn't getting from me due to having a new baby) and I do trust him. What's done is done, right?

mytruth1118 said...

Forgive but never forget isn't that what they say? I think that he should have NO contact with her what so ever (even if they didn't do the deed). I have had dreams (so has my husband) where you wake up feeling so pissed off or depressed because things that happened in the dream seem so real. You are not alone!

Anonymous said...

I have fucked up dreams alot. Usually they involve Hubby leaving me. Not usually for anyone in particular. I hope your Hubby realizes that he's got an awesome wife and sending a bday card or any other communication with himewrecker is just stupid. It can't be worth the risk. It does sound like he's honest with you, though. That's always a positive thing. Let me know when you figure out how to stop having crazy dreams that piss you off and make you depressed. I really need to know! :)