Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Meme and a Bunch of Shit You Didn't Know About Me

The blogger I'm stalking My blog crush mysterg, from Meditations in an Emergency, tagged me in a meme.  Apparently I have to write five categories of five things of my choosing then tag another five of you to do the same.  So because mysterg finds me facinating, and because you do too, here goes:

5 Places I Want to Visit Before I Die:

Washington, DC. I would love to see the White House, the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and go to the Smithsonian. I don’t know why, but I love museums and shit like that.  Plus, I kinda feel like a bad American since I haven't visited DC. 

Italy: Besides loving Italian food, I know Italy is rich is history. From the ruins of coliseum to riding a gondola in Venice – Italy sounds like a very interesting place. Plus I’m sure there are gorgeous men everywhere, and I’ve heard they get flirtatious and pinch ladies’ bums. I need to go there before I get too old and no one wants to pinch my bottom!

Australia: I’m not sure which part of Australia I’d like to go (because I know it’s a rather large continent!) but I’d probably go to Sydney. I’ve heard the country is beautiful and I’ve always wanted to go. Bonus: they speak English but have that funny accent.  (just kidding Tennyson!)

London: I’ve always wanted to visit London. It just seems like one of the coolest places on Earth.  And I'm a bit of a literature geek, so I've always wanted to see Shakespeare's birthplace.  Plus, mysterg is from England and maybe I could stalk him in person!   Bonus:  they also speak English.  Again, with a funny accent.

New York: New York/Manhattan. I once had a trip to Manhattan planned. I have a friend who sells real estate in Manhattan and at the time, he had an furnished apartment in Soho that he was willing to lend to Husband and I while we came out. He also promised to show us all of the “fun” places and everything…and then September 11th happened and there went our trip. We were planning to visit in October. My friend still lives in Manhattan, so barring any future terrorist attacks, I know I will make it there to visit someday. Bonus:  native New Yorkers ALSO have a funny accent...

5 Things I Cannot Live Without (besides food and water!)
My cell phone (how did we live before cell phones???)
Chapstick/Lip Balm
My friends

5 Favorite Swear-Words

5 Reasons Why Being An Adult Sucks Ass:
Bills/Mortgage/Car Payments/etc.
If you throw a tantrum, no one is going to make the excuse “She’s just tired."
I’m still afraid of the dark sometimes and I have to be brave
Fine lines that will develop into wrinkles
Being responsible (and in the alternative, not allowed to be irresponsible when the mood grabs you)

5 Favorite 80s Songs:
“Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield
“Holiday” by Madonna
“Planet Earth” by Duran Duran
“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol
“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!

5 Reasons Why Being a Girl Is So Much More Fun Than Being A Boy:
Boys are easily manipulated by Boobs (and girls are not manipulated by anything physical)

Girls don’t have to feel insecure by penis size (only boob size, and a plastic surgeon can fix such things if necessary)

Girls can cry when they want but boys think crying makes them weak (I always think it takes a strong man to cry)

Boys that forget to open doors to walk into elevators first are deemed to be assholes, but girls can just open the doors for themselves and can get on elevators first

Girls get to wear makeup, miracle bras, body shapers, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, etc. to “enhance” their appearance, whereas boys are pretty much “what you see is what you get”

And now, here is me tagging some of my favorite blogs (check 'em out y'all):

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Thanks again, mysterg.  Stalk you soon!


Laura Kinker said...

i am so jealous of little kids because they get to throw tantrums and, like you said, they always have an excuse. why can't adults just break down and throw themselves around when we're feeling tired and irritable? i bet we'd have a lot less road rage and the like if it were acceptable. (your blog rocks, btw. i always check it out!)

omchelsea said...

NOt so keen on the meme, but the bunch of shit rocks.

mysterg said...

You can have your bottom pinched in London if you like ;)