Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yeast Should Only Be For Baking Bread...Not For Making Lives Miserable

I’ve been home sick for the past 4 days. It’s that time of year again…the time for me to get the first of probably 5 illnesses I’ll get this winter. Fingers crossed, I hope that swine flu is not one of them!
It started with being tired and a little run-down. And not to get too graphic here, my lady-part had a twinge/tickle in it (and not the good kind) that caused me to fear something was a-brewing down there. That was Friday.


I knew you were a sick fuck. Keep reading then. You were warned.

By Saturday, all hell had broken loose. They twinge turned into something only a stiff bottle brush could cure…that or my favorite remedy from the doctor – the little pink pill called Diflucan. Only thing--my doctor’s office doesn’t take prescription requests on weekends, so I was forced to either suffer, or go to the drugstore and plunk down $20+ on some cream that says it’s going to work in “1 day” but never does. And also be forced to lay vertical for the 15 hours following insertion, otherwise due to gravity, my $20 cream ends up outside of the places it’s meant to be, and therefore not killing the infection it’s supposed to kill.
Sunday, I end up at Urgent Care because besides my lady-parts issue, I have some other shit going on that has given me a fever of 102 degrees and body aches, and coughing, and sneezing, and runny/stuffy nose and all that good stuff.

I get prescribed some antibiotics (which is the lady-parts worst enemy in its current delicate condition, because for some reason…antibiotics cause the yeast to become overgrown and all hell breaks loose again, and therefore, all my hard work thus far would have been for naught.). I decide to get wise and ask the doctor at Urgent Care for some Diflucan because “antibiotics give me yeast infections”. I didn’t feel like admitting my current condition because she was not on a need-to-know-basis as far as I was concerned.

My diagnosis comes back – upper respiratory infection. I get my antibiotics, along with 3 other prescriptions, but notice the one for Diflucan is only for ONE PILL. WHAT THE HELL. This just isn’t going to do it. This doctor acts like its from her own personal supply, and she’s hoarding Diflucan like Elaine on Seinfeld hoarded sponges. This isn’t going to work at all. Especially since my antibiotics are for 5 days. But since it’s Sunday, I decide I will call my regular OBGYN tomorrow because he always dispenses meds with a gentle heart and a heavy hand. He’ll fix me up. I know it.

My doctor, bless his heart, gives me a prescription for 3 Diflucan pills, to be taken one every-other day. PLUS THERE’S A REFILL! See, told you he was an angel. But in my weakened condition, I’ve been taking one pill per day to keep the bottle-brush feeling from coming back. Literally. I’ve fantasized about tearing and shredding my insides with a bottle-brush – but haven’t. For obvious reasons. Like the terrorists they are, I was not going to let the yeast win in that way. I would kill it in a surprise attack of Diflucans, because its already expecting that overpriced-over-the-counter-cream-that-never-works and makes me feel like I’m walking around with blobs of Vaseline stuffed in my panties. It will never see the Diflucan coming from the OTHER end of my body! HA!

Yes, not pretty. Not pretty at all. Especially, when you’re the type of person who prides herself on having pretty lady parts at all times. You never know when you’re going to die in some horrific car accident and some emergency worker is going to see your lady parts in all its glory. At least I hope for you it IS in its glory. Because if mine is not, and if I wasn’t dead already, I know I would die all over again. I want to look at the carnage down from heaven and be proud that I practiced personal hygiene like it was a religion.

Today, I’m still a bit sick. And the twinge in my lady parts is damn near gone (yeast is a fool if it thinks I am going to get the bottle brush…because that’s what it wants! It wants me to cave and give in to the pain…ohhh, but I’m stronger than it. And so is the Diflucan).

OK, I think you’ve suffered enough hearing about my bodily functions and issues. First, last week I expose you to farting, and now this! I hope this isn’t a trend. Even though I think bathroom humor is the best form of humor. And hopefully, you do to (or at least just for today.)


Mariska said...

I know the feeling! *AM ABOUT TO SHARE IN KIND* I thought I had that lovely fermenty feeling a little while back. So I handed over the $20 at the pharmacy, and headed home to wage war. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I found out the next day it wasn't fermenty yeasty 'ricotta pizza' I was brewing, I had chicken pox!! UP THERE!!! And after a couple of days, all over the rest of me. And flu symptoms too. I feel your pain. Get well soon!

Stevie said...

Get yourself some acidophilus supplements and take one a day, every day, even when you don't have an infection. And especially when you're on antibiotics. The reason women get yeast infections when they're on the ABX is because they kill both the bad AND the good bacteria, so it puts your lady bits totally out of balance, which makes it prime land for yeast harvesting. GROSS. So, if you add the acidophilus in on a regular basis, it helps restore the natural balance back to its wondrous glory. You can find it in most vitamin supplement stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and a lot of times in your regular grocery store. Or, you can buy yougurt (gotta love those live active cultures!) or milk that's enriched with it. You're welcome. :-)

Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

My lady parts are twinging in sympathy for your lady parts.

MyTruth0812 said...

Mariska: CHICKEN POX IN THE HOLIEST OF HOLIES? OMG that is stuff nightmares are made of.

Stevie: THANK YOU for the information about acidophilus supplements. I'm getting some ASAP. I'm so glad you posted about it.

Jodey: Sisters in Misery!

To all: Thanks for being some new faces on my domain...I hope you stay a long time and that I continue to amuse you!

Dr. Jay SW said...

I actually stopped reading after the warning. It's a little known fact, however, that "jock itch" is, basically, what they call a yeast infection when it effects a guy...though, apparently, it's generally not nearly as bad.... Alright, I'll stop now...

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

Ah, the eternal struggle against good and evil. The war that will never end. But can be made easier to bear with Diflucan. Sounds like a commercial doesn't it?

mytruth1118 said...

I had a staph infection about 7 months ago and doc prescribed ABX and to that I replied "well can I have something for a yeast infection cuz i always get one" her reply was "this won't give you a yeast infection" REALLY! Well guess what? I Got one and had to drop almost 30 bucks at the store for an OTC. It worked but I was pissed cuz I could've gotten somthing for free dammit! Why don't docs listen?