Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits

Dammit, if this freaking election hasn't made me insane...I usually don't talk about politics. The only person I really have discussions with about politics is Husband. To me, politics is a lot like religion. I just don't feel comfortable talking about it. But I do enjoy antagonizing my dad, politically disagreeing with him every chance I get. I love taking the opposite of whatever he thinks just so I can see his facial expressions. As I told my friend SG -- during one of my visits to my parents house, my dad was sitting at his computer with his back to me. I came up behind him, and asked him (smirking on the inside, mind you) who he was voting for this election...he whipped around in his chair so fast with this GLARE on his face -- as I told Ms. SG, I wished I had a video camera because I would have SO posted it on YouTube. But back to the subject of this post.

I'm sitting here right now, watching the Democratic National Convention, and Hillary (The Hillary) is giving her speech. And double-dammit, if I am actually standing up applauding the television. No matter what you think of her (and believe me, I was among the many who really didn't like her -- she just seemed so harsh.) But I think during the primary race, she came a long way in my book. She knew her shit during the debates and had some good ideas. I liked to daydream sometimes during the primary race over what having a woman president would be like. (I was a fan of Geena Davis' short-lived show, "Commander In Chief" after all). I felt part Mary Tyler Moore-part "you've come a long way baby" during the daydreams. It certainly would have been something to see. But I guess it's just not time to have a female president. But we are close, that's for sure.

Even Husband admitted he admired her in a way. And you must know that for him to say that -- hell froze over. This is the same man that said something to me about 18 months ago that went a little like this: "I'd never vote for a woman for president because women are too emotional." Or some bullshit like that. I nearly ripped his tongue out. I told him he should be ashamed of himself, considering he has a daughter -- and he tells her she can be anything she wants to be (oh, except President, because you women are too emotional, and even though you're only 5, and you don't understand why I said that, I am going to be a man-pig and secretly hope that when you grow up you continue to hit the glass ceiling because of your hormones.) Excuse me, I digress. ;)

I guess the whole point of this post, is that -- Dang it Hill, I admire the hell out of you, in your sharp-ass pumpkin pantsuit. I'm sure it certainly took a ginormous set of brass balls to run for President, especially when it's been a good 'ole boys club of white men for the last 200+ years. That shit can't be overlooked.

(And in case you're wondering, I didn't think up the title of this post on my own. Hillary said it during her speech and I had to steal it.)


Samantha Grace said...

She did give a hell of a speech. And I'm really happy she did that motion yesterday.

JP said...

T- You really should consider a career in journalism or better yet - start writing a book. You are hiliarous and I love reading your take on things...it always cracks me up!