Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Gays Strike Again

Last night, I was once again listening to my second favorite satellite radio station...OutQ. It made me happy because heard a remix of the "Wonder Woman" theme song. Fuckin' A. I haven't heard that song since I last watched the TV show, starring Ms. Linda Carter. I was reminded that as a child, I was obsessed with that show. I even had a Wonder Woman one-piece bathing suit that looked EXACTLY like Wonder Woman's costume. I was 8. And I used to wear that thing all summer long...complete with the headband and wrist cuffs that I made out of paper. I was stylin'. I know my mother has a picture of me in that bathing suit somewhere. I need to find it and post it here for all of you to see. It was BADASS. It didn't have a cape though. Dammit.
I swear, I am a gay man stuck inside of a heterosexual woman's body. This picture makes me want to become a fabulous drag queen and go to Pride Parades in my Wonder Woman costume. Only this time I would have that sweet cape. Shit, I'd even have that golden lasso...

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