Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quote of the Day

Before I get to the "Quote of the Day" you must first realize that the old game, Rock-Paper-Scissors is used in my house as a means to solve quarrels, to make decisions and also to just show off how awesome you are at some random game...now on to the quote...

"What? You chicken? Bawk, bawk, bawk..." (said in a taunting manner) by Daughter to Husband while we were driving home last night. I had just spanked Husband in best 2 out of 3, and now daughter wanted to take her turn at tanning Daddy's hide. I wouldn't have been at all surprised either, to have turned around and seen her flapping her chicken wings to accompany the bawking. It was just so funny to hear her little voice (it was practically in my ear) teasing and taunting him. And never one to turn down a challenge, Husband proceeded to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Daughter. Both confident they were going to win.

Sadly, he beat her. However, this taunting will live on forever in our collective hearts, as I believe I've never heard these words come out of her mouth in this exact way...I nearly peed my pants when I had to repeat it for Husband because he didn't hear her say it the first time (as he was too busy doing some Rock-Paper-Scissors mindgame bullshit on her).

I'm sure the day will come when she will get her revenge. Until then, I am the reigning Queen Supreme of RPS! I am undefeated.

Where's that dang tiara...????

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