Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Bid You Adieu...George Carlin

It's taken me a couple of days to post about George Carlin, who left this world on Sunday, June 22, at the age of 71 from heart failure. Now, I LOVE me some George Carlin. He is in my top 3 of all-time favorite comedians. Pete and I were fortunate enough to see him live twice -- once in Vegas, and once at the Detroit Opera House. Both times we saw him in concert, I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath and I was crying -- tears streaming down my face (and Pete's too).
I was SO sad to hear that he passed because not only I'll personally miss seeing him in concert or in movies, but because this world has lost one of the best observers of life -- he was a genius. The man CHANGED HISTORY. Need I even mention the "seven dirty words" routine that prompted the case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court and helped define the difference between obsenity and indecency? (and was a pretty darn great stand up routine in itself) He had a way of making everday things and everyday words funny, in a way that Jerry Seinfeld could only hope to do someday. One of my favorites was his discription of the word "near-miss", which George said, "Isn't it really a 'near-hit'? A 'near-miss' would be a crash." TRUE THAT.

So for your reading enjoyment, here are some of my favorite GC quotes:
When cheese gets it's picture taken, what does it say?
Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.
I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.
Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

OH, and my #1 favorite quote (from the show I saw in Vegas...he opened the show with this little gem): "You know what people don't talk about? Pussy farts." I thought I was going to die laughing.

Ahhh, George...I will miss you! That motherfucker was one fucking funny asshole. :)

If you want to give yourself a treat, run out to the bookstore immediately and buy all of the books he has written. You will be laughing hysterically before reaching the second chapter.
And if you want to read up on the history that is GC, check out the article about him on Wikipedia here.

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