Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Know Who I Love?

Kathy Griffin, that's who. That woman is HYSTERICAL. I heard her on The Howard Stern Show this morning and was laughing all the way to work. She is going on tour, and I just happened to check her schedule a few minutes ago after telling Shannon about her being on Howard this morning -- she's making a stop here. I'm so excited and I'm buying tickets and I can't wait. Shannon and I are going and it's going to be a BLAST. I love Kathy because she loves the gays and keeps up on all the celeb goss that is so fun to make fun of. I love love love her! Her show -- Life on the D-List -- the new season starts tonight on Bravo and I'm gonna try and tune in (although I should be studying). This is yet another reminder that I do not own a TiVo!

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