Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some Days It's Just Not Worth Getting Out of Bed

I got into a car accident today. UGH. No one was hurt, but what a day. I was on my way home from running some errands, and I was in the far right lane coming up on a light, getting ready to turn right, and someone was turning left into something to the right of me and I ran right into the side of his pickup truck. The whole front end of my car was smashed and I have to take it in for service tomorrow. It was a waste of an afternoon.

Once the police came, the cop told the guy I ran into it was his fault (which I secretly did a little dance inside about, because at first when we pulled into the area where we parked our cars, the guy jumped out of his truck and tried to chew me out -- which let me tell you, I was having none of. I get enough shit at home from the one I'm married to, I'm not about to let some strange guy give me a hassle). Anyway, I did get a ticket for "not having car insurance" since I didn't have that stupid-ass piece of paper in my car with the up-to-date info on it. Which pissed me off because it's like a $250 ticket, but on the bright side -- the cop decided not to write me the ticket for not having my registration in my car (another stupid-ass piece of paper I was missing).

So while this all was happening, Husband was at the movies with Daughter -- they went to go see Indiana Jones. So after the diabacle of the afternoon, I drove my now-ghetto-looking piece home and waiting for the chewing out to begin once Prince Charming got home. He didn't disappoint.

1. Despite the accident not being my fault, it was my fault according to him --even though he wasn't there -- because "I don't pay attention" when I drive. Really? REALLY? Because I get in so many accidents (this is my second accident in the fucking 20+ years I've been driving-- oh, and that one WASN'T MY FAULT either. Some lady rear ended me).

2. He just told me yesterday to "be careful" -- and there I went today, not being careful.

3. He hopes we don't have to pay the deductible because "we don't have it." And my personal favorite -- brace yourself --

5. We can never get ahead, because it's always something.

Yes, I ruined his day. Nevermind, I WAS THE ONE IN THE ACCIDENT. Nevermind, he never once asked me if I was OK. Nevermind, that the shit wasn't my fault. Nevermind, that it's MY FUCKING RIDE I am without now, and I probably will be without it for a few weeks. Oh no. Nevermind that. This was just one more example of how I try to make his life miserable. Of course I did it on purpose, right?

I ended up borrowing my dad's Mustang, so at least my "loaner" car is something I'll have fun driving. Although I wanted to poke my dad's eyeballs out when he said that I couldn't put the top down and to drive carefully. :)

Some days its just not worth getting out of bed.

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